Ready to sell your RV?

Let us help you with our consignment program! NO storage fees!

Why consign with us?

  • We do all the work for YOU!

    • No waiting by the phone

    • No answering messages

    • We help you figure out a selling price

    • We complete a full systems check on your unit

    • We arrange financing for the buyer

    • The RV is shown on our lot

What is the consignment program?

  • Our consignment program is quick and easy! You remove your belongings and clean the RV (note: clean RV’s sell faster). Then bring the RV to us and we help you determine the value. We will check the condition of the camper, ask you questions, and give you a reasonable and honest value for your unit. Once a price is agreed upon you pay a $75 advertising fee, sign the contract, and leave the work to us!

  • We call with any offers. It is your decision if you want to accept, decline, or counter!

  • Once the unit is sold our technicians with do their inspections and report if anything needs to be replaced or repaired, and it will be deducted from your proceeds.

  • Advantage RV’s & Trailers will keep their agreed upon commission and applicable repairs. The rest of the agreed upon amount is then given to you!

  • Customers love our consignment program as well. They are guaranteed a used unit that is in good working condition. At the time of pickup, our technicians give the buyer a thorough orientation of the unit to ensure they know how to operate it properly!

  • RV’s older than 15 years will be taken in on consignment on a case-by-case basis.

What should you bring with you?

  • Original clean title

    • Please include any lien holder information, if applicable.

  • Current Registration

  • Proof of unit insurance (you must keep your unit on your insurance until it sells)

  • Copy of Driver’s License

  • Extended warranty or service contract documents, if applicable.

  • 2 sets of keys

  • LP Tanks

  • Good batteries

  • Power cord

  • Owner’s manuals

  • Anything else that might belong to the RV

The following items must be completed prior to bringing your unit in:

  • Empty ALL holding tanks

  • Remove any documents with your name on them

  • Remove ALL personal belongings

  • Detail your unit as if it was a used car on a car lot

    • If not in showroom condition we will clean it for you for a fee

  • If the unit is a motorhome, please make sure the tank is more than half full


Please fill out the form below or call us at 605-753-5022.